Charging your battery

Sept. 4, 2017, 10:41 a.m.


Marine Electrics have changed more in the last decade than in many decades before that. Battery charging is a case in point. Whereas boat chargers used to be similar to car battery chargers, we now have . Not only do these chargers very much speed up the battery charging, they also de-sulphate the batteries and protect them from being over chargers. This is important as we now have more batteries on board to deal with domestic use, navionics, bow thrusters... and coming soon electric drive instead of the old diesel. When we were investigating what we needed for our 39 foot Nicholson ketch, King Malu, we found that there were some excellent new products available, but not in Cyprus and the Levant. We also learnt that excellence requires after-sales backup. Reliability is key to the marine industry.

Charging your batteries from your engine


Most people with a diesel engine expect to charge their batteries from the alternator in much the same way as a car battery is charged. This can damage your battery and without adequate protection can also damage your alternator! The best solution is to use a multi-step or variable step alternator charger. This brings all the advantages of computer controlled charging to your alternator charging from your diesel engine without having to modify your alternator in any way.

Isn't it all very complicated?


Yes, it can be complicated, but that is where we can help. We completely rewired Kalypso II, the dive boat for @lpha Divers. We upgraded all of the electrics on our classic Nicholson 39, and both Tim and Richard have more than more than 35 years experience using technology professionally.

If you have a problem, talk to us and see if we can find a good solution.

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